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Amazing Tours in Bahrain

Anyone visiting the Persian Gulf needs to tour the small islands of Bahrain. This is an archipelago of 33 islands among them the Bahrain Island, Umm an Nassan and Muharraq islands. The oil rich country is considered the fastest growing economy in the Arab world. Its capital city Manama is the country’s business hub. Among the country’s successful industries are the banking and tourism sectors. It has the best natural port around Tigris, Euphrates and Oman giving a strategic position for business in the region.

A former British colony, it gained its independence in 1971. Currently a constitutional monarchy, it is headed by a king and executive authorities.  The Islamic country upholds Arabic cultural practices across its territories. Despite its strong Islamic culture, Bahrain is a favorite destination for many people from across the globe. You will find Christians touring for leisure and business. Bahrain is a liberal and modern country that does not offer restrictions to other cultures of the world. 

Cultural Reasons to Visit Bahrain

The country has a rich cultural heritage including the Dilmun civilization of the copper age. The digs at Saar provide enriching information about early civilization. You will also find the largest prehistoric cemetery in the Bahrain Burial moulds.

Annually, Bahrain records over 8 million visitors from Arab states and other continents. It has UNESCO World Heritage sites like the Qalat Al Bahrain. Tourists also visit Bahrain for amazing historical sites, Islamic artifacts, old mosques and ancient temples.

The country is over 90% desert land. Despite this fact, tourists find lots of reasons to hire cars for tours around this small Persian Gulf territory. It has 330 bird species, making it an ideal location for bird watching. You will enjoy seeing small and large bird varieties with different colors. Its wildlife includes the amazing gazelles, Oryx, reptiles and numerous insects. You can take a trip to its coast in a cheap car for hire. The Bahrain coastal region has a lot of marine life species among them the sea turtles, dolphins and dugongs. You will enjoy scenic views of the offshore islands with coral reefs. Tours in Bahrain include a visit to its Al Areen National Park, Tubli Bay and Hawar islands.

Why should you visit Manama?

The coast of Manama is a beautiful sight at night. Among the attractions is the tall fountains contained in a barge in the seabed. If you are visiting the country in March, be sure to experience the Spring of Culture festival. This is an international concert with top artists from across the globe.

The city also has amazing restaurants, hotels and joints for you to enjoy. While in the town, you will enjoy listening to the Khaliji and sawt music. There are a number of sports centers for your favorite sports activities including soccer, basketball and horse riding. Often sports teams visiting Bahrain use car rental services for quick transport to venues.

Reasons why you shoud to rent a car in Bahrain

Private vehicles and taxis are the main modes of transport in Bahrain. The Bahrain international airport is on the Island of Muharraq. From the airport you can connect to other parts of Bahrain in the best car rental vehicles or taxis. The airport also offers reliable public transportation in shuttle busses. Bahrain has quality highways and road networks to connect tourists to top destinations like Manama. You can access the four main islands efficiently via road. If you plan on hiring a car for many days, check out the cheap car hire services for early reservations online.

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